Smartech in the development of innovative solutions is based on the belief that technological evolution is the linchpin to achieve brilliant results, providing added value which enabled the company to distinguish itself from the other competitors. Smartech regards the investing in the new technologies as the basis for a strategic development of its activities.

Smartech  has expertise in the design with technologically advanced systems 3D CAD systems. With the help of specialized staff for this purpose, the company is able to offer a wide range of services with high added value:

  • Extraction of deliverable for multi dicipline
  • Setup, drawings & reports extraction for analyzing the 3D model: Orthographic Drawing, Piping Isometrics, Reports
  • Setup labels for MTO extraction
  • Preparation of database for Parametric Symbols
  • Materials classes management
  • Updates and changes within the database
  • 3D modeling for all disciplines: Piping &
  • Equipment, Electrical, Civil, HVAC, Instrument
  • Alignment of the database with the 3D model
  • Management of interference check (IFC)
  • Alignment of the 3D CAD model with the P&ID
  • Management of the plant information system and integrated system
  • Management of the Information System EMMS: operation and maintenance of the system,new interfaces, implementation and maintenance services, import / export data from / to other software systems
  • Development of construction management system to handle piping construction