SMARTECH Codegen is a software for generating code that enables company to define and generate standard code for all items and materials at corporate and project levels.

SMARTECH Codegen is a centralized database and single source of truth for
standardization of all items in company and materials in projects. It enables company to have master code registry to manage all materials and items.

SMARTECH Codegen is a Web-based application which can be accessed without any installed client application required. It gives flexibility in accessing the information anywhere from any PC, tablet or mobile.


  • LOGIC DEFINITION – Enables company to set and define the logic of the code based on company practice up to item level.
  • MATERIAL DEFINITION – Enables company to define the materials description standard.
  • DATA IMPORT – Enables company to import the pre-defined code and definition in Excel format.
  • 3RD PARTY INTERFACE – Enables company to generate the list of materials code required to be used by other system.